Corrosion and Protection

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Pitting corrosion

Corrosion and Protection

The problems related with the corrosion processes cause great economic losses and cost overruns to the industry.

An adequate protection against these phenomena is a key factor in several industrial sectors ranging from the naval or aeronautic industries to the food industry or the civil engineering. An adequate coatings selection, materials choice or the application of a cathodic protection system using impressed current can lead to savings in the maintenance costs and an increase in the competitiveness.

AGACYP puts at the disposal of the industry their experience in the analysis of corrosion failures of metallic materials and their coatings in order to to detect, evaluate and prevent them and propose a range of available solutions.


  • Accelerated corrosión tests..
  • Determination of corrosion mechanisms and corrosion rate.
  • Management of corrosion problems in industrial processes.
  • Study of the corrosion inhibition and adequate materials selection.
  • Analysis of corrosión mechanism during the service life of components, stress-corrosion-cracking and hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Failure analysis.

Technological capability

  • Climatic Chamber Test ASTM D2247
  • Salt Spray Test ASTM B117 / UNE-EN ISO 9227
  • Galvanic corrosion ASTM G71, ASTM G82
  • High temperature corrosion ASTM G111 - 97
  • Stress-Corrosion-Cracking ASTM G36 - 94
  • Pitting corrosion ASTM G48 (A, B, C, E) / ASTM G61
  • Exfoliation Corrosion Susceptibility ASTM G34, ASTM G66
  • Corrosión intergranular ASTM F2111 / ASTM G110 / ASTM G67
  • Electrochemical Tests ASTM G3/ ASTM G102.