Coatings Characterization

Coating characterization services AGACYP
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Coatings Characterization

The selection and characterization of coatings is essential to the proper functioning of different aspects such as integrity, aesthetic aspects or corrosion protection. The coatings can be metallic (galvanized, chromated, nickel electroplating,…), ceramic (conversion coating, sol-gel,…) or organic (paints, vernishes, lacquers,…). In several applications the coatings are formed by different layers with the addition of additives which affect different properties: aspect, adhesion, surface roughness, corrosion resistance etc…In order to optimize the performance of the protection systems is essential a good compatibility with the coated surface and a good resistance to the surrounding environment.

AGACYP offers technical assessment in the selection of protection systems and in the study of the performance against corrosion in different aggressive media.

Technological capabilities

  • Viscosity measurement ASTM D445,ISO 3104
  • Adherence test
    • Cross-cut Test ASTM D3359
    • Pulloff test ISO 4624:2002
  • Salt Spray Test and Climatic Chamber ISO 9227:2006/ ASTM B117/ ASTM D2247
  • Atmospheric corrosion tests ASTM G50 - 10
  • Electrochemical measurements.
  • Diferential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetric Analysis (DSC/TG)
  • Diferential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetric Analysis (DSC/TG)
  • Coating Thickness.
  • Deep drawing and Bending Tests ASTM D522.
  • Surface roughness.
  • Formulation and synthesis of new coatings.
  • Contact angle. ASTMD7334
  • Additives characterization.
  • Hidrodynamic radius and Z-Potential.
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