AGACYP offers their human and technological resources to serve the industrial fabric in the technical advice of corrosion problems in the industrial processes, materials selection, coatings and surface characterization. The laboratory tests are carried out following the indications of international standards (UNE, EN, ISO, ASTM, NACE,…), under client specifications or if it is necessary under internal procedures.

Corrosion and Protection

Corrosion of metals in the presence of water is a common problem across many industries causing great economic losses and cost overruns.

AGACYP is focused on giving a fast response to the needs of the industry in all aspects related with the corrosion and protection of different materials,

from the identification and characterization of the problem to the proposal of corrective actions available.

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Materials Engineering

AGACYP offers to the industry the experience of their team in materials engineering to increase the service life of the materials and optimize their performance.

An appropriate materials selection is essential in order to ensure the properties required for specific applications: mechanical and tribological properties, thermal stability, weldability or corrosion resistance.

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In most cases the coatings are applied in order to improve the surface properties of different materials such as corrosion resistance, adhesion, wettability or wear-resistance.

AGACYP offers specialized advice in the selection and characterization of coatings to achieve the most challenging aesthetical and functional requirements.

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Electrochemical processes

The electrodeposition of metallic films or conversion coatings, the electrophoretic deposition or the electrolytic recovery of metals are some of the electrochemical processes most used by the industry.

AGACYP puts at the disposal of the industry the experience of their team in the optimization of different industrial applications in this area.

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The current trend of the modern society towards a sustainable energetic model detached from the massive consumption of fossil fuels and the problems associated with them. This implies the development of new systems environmentally friendly to generate and store energy.

AGACYP focuses on the development of new materials used by the industry in the field of energy storage

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